A temporary enjoyment

وَمَا أُوتِيتُم مِّن شَيْءٍ فَمَتَاعُ الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا وَزِينَتُهَا ۚ وَمَا عِندَ اللَّهِ خَيْرٌ وَأَبْقَىٰ ۚ أَفَلَا تَعْقِلُونَ

And whatever thing you [people] have been given – it is [only for] the enjoyment of worldly life and its adornment. And what is with Allah is better and more lasting; so will you not use reason? [al Qasas: 60]

 In many places in the Qur’an, Allah describes this world as Mata’. And the word Mata’ means enjoyment, pleasure, gratification. Useful goods to be enjoyed for a limited period of time. Or tools that you use to get your work done.

What we need to realize is that we should not waste our life, attached to things which are only a tool to get to the next life. Don’t become attached to the Dunya or the things of the Dunya. This world was created for us. But we were created for the Hereafter. Always remember this. For eg. It’s ok to be wealthy, but that wealth should be in our hands, not in our hearts. Spend on the needy, spend fillaahi, lillaahi

The problem arises when we become obessed with the Dunya, when our desires become excessive, when we are always occupied with the things of the Dunya at the expense of Akhirah.

Allah also describes this Dunya as Zeena. This Dunya is attractive and beautiful, and that’s because that’s all that we’ve seen. When we get deceived by the beauty of this Dunya, then we desire it, fall in love with it, and then we keep ourselves busy with it. And we forget that this is all fleeting. We admire and love it, but it is very short-lived.

 We’ve been told about the reality of this life, so that we don’t get deceived by this Dunya. So that we don’t cling on to it, trying our utmost to preserve it!

Because what is with Allah is better than this worldly mata’. Because what is with Allah in the Hereafter, its delight is pure and its adornment is complete. It’s permanent and enduring in every aspect.

In contrast, things of the Dunya become outdated, old. If nothing else, even if it’s in perfect condition, we become bored of it. But what is with Allah is Abqa (more lasting)

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