[Ramadan] Deep-cleaning your house

[Ramadan] Deep-cleaning your house

Think about the last time someone important visited your house.

What did you do?

I’ll take a quick guess here and assume that you treated that person in the most gracious manner.

I’ll also take another quick guess and assume that you were NOT in another part of your house cleaning, while your visitor was still in your living room. I mean who does that right?

So I’m sure you’ll agree that most of the cleaning happens before your guests arrive, resulting in:

  • A house that is tidy and neat
  • Floors and windows all gleaming.
  • Food cooked to perfection and laid out prettily on the table.
  • Extra food in the pantry, just in case.

If you’re nodding, then you know what I’m talking about!

Now what if I told you, that we are all about to receive a very special guest soon.

A guest who visits only once a year.


What are you going to do?

Clean and prepare your home before it arrives? Or waste your time cleaning, sorting and organizing during those blessed days?

I hope you chose the former.

I personally like to do a ‘deep-clean’ of my home at least a month or two before the start of Ramadan, so I can have a more fulfilling and productive experience in those blessed days and nights.

Hey but if you’re still not convinced, here are some other benefits of a deep-clean/de-cluttering ritual:

  • You’ll have more time for yourself to focus on your ibaadah, without having to worry about those cobwebs on your ceiling.
  • Day to day ‘light’ cleaning can be done in half the time, because you’ve done the major work beforehand.
  • Everything is in its place so you’ll spend less time looking for things, again giving you more time to do other beneficial work.
  • You become more productive and more energetic, because you’re not distracted by the mess around you.
  • You are more relaxed, less stressed and your brain feels ‘lighter’. Doesn’t that happen to you sometimes once you’ve de-cluttered like crazy?

So let’s jump into it. I’ve outlined 5 areas for you to focus on and also put together a cute little checklist which contains a more detailed version of what’s below. Simply enter your email and grab it now!

1. The House

This is the general cleaning part like the dusting, washing, painting, waxing and vacuuming. Pay special attention to all those hard to reach places, like your ceiling, fans, areas behind any furniture, under your table or bed and get rid of any dust or cobwebs. Plus, don’t forget to wash or wipe down all windows/gates/doors.

2. Room by Room

Go through each room and see what else needs to be cleaned out. For example, maybe you need to get rid of your old bed sheets and buy some fresh ones for Ramadan. Look through your kitchen and pantry – are there any food items that are past their expiry date? Do you need to stock up on anything, like rice or sugar ( I will be doing a more detailed post on the food aspect later). Look through your closet, perhaps you would like give away some of your extra abayas or shawls that you are not wearing anymore. Is your desk organized and free of loose paper and other clutter? Keep two bags ready with you: one for all the stuff that needs to be thrown away and one for all the stuff that needs to be donated.

3. Digital De-clutter

I love to do a digital detox of my computer and inbox too. Somehow I feel that this is where most of the clutter ends up! So this means going through your files and deleting anything you don’t need anymore. Checking your inbox and unsubscribing to newsletters you don’t read. Checking your Facebook, Instagram, twitter accounts and UNFOLLOWING or UNLIKING people who don’t really provide any value. I did this about a week ago and it felt so empowering! Also exit or mute WhatsApp groups you are not actively involved. Remember, during Ramadan you need as little distraction as possible!

 4. Fix it

Do you have any appliances that need to be looked at? Washing machine of yours making a funny sound? The light in your kitchen is flickering? Don’t wait for Ramadan to arrive to fix it. Do it now! Go through your house and make a list of everything that needs to be fixed.

5. Outdoor Errands

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed quite a few people who wait for Ramadan to visit their dentist. Like really?! If you have a tooth that’s bothering you, or if you feel like you need a checkup, go to the doctor now. Likewise, think of other things that you need to get done outside and schedule them to a particular date and time before Ramadan. Don’t waste those blessed days by doing things that could have been done before Ramadan.

So those were the 5 areas for you to focus on. We have about two months left giving us ample time to clean and prepare before Ramadan arrives. Sign up and get the download below for a more detailed checklist.

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  • khadijah abdraheem

    its a wonderful reminder before ramadan expecially the fourth one.jazakallah khairan!!

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