The Du’a of Ibrahim (as)

رَبِّ هَبْ لِي حُكْمًا وَأَلْحِقْنِي بِالصَّالِحِينَ – 26:83

[And he said], “My Lord, grant me authority and join me with the righteous.

وَاجْعَل لِّي لِسَانَ صِدْقٍ فِي الْآخِرِينَ – 26:84

And grant me a reputation of honor among later generations.

وَاجْعَلْنِي مِن وَرَثَةِ جَنَّةِ النَّعِيمِ – 26:85

And place me among the inheritors of the Garden of Pleasure.

This was the beautiful Du’a made by Ibrahim (as). In this, he’s asking for four things (which we need to ask for as well):

Hukm: which refers to wisdom, sound judgment, beneficial knowledge and the ability to implement that knowledge.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “When Allāh wishes good for someone, He gives him understanding of the Religion.” [Muslim]

Righteous Company: If you love someone, then you will be with them on the Day of Judgment. If you love the righteous, then you will be with the righteous. So who are your closest friends?

Anas (ra) narrated, “A man asked the Prophet ﷺ about the Hour saying, ‘When will the Hour be?’ The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘What have you prepared for it?’ The man said, ‘Nothing, except that I love Allāh and His Messenger.’ The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘You will be with those whom you love.’” Anas said, “We had never been so happy as we were on hearing that saying of the Prophet (i.e.,‘You will be with those whom you love.’) Therefore, I love the Prophet, Abu Bakr and `Umar, and I hope that I will be with them because of my love for them though my deeds are not similar to theirs.” [al-Bukhārī]

Lisana Sidqin: A reputation of honour. A good and truthful mention among the later generations, so that you are an example to be followed. What sort of legacy are you building for yourself today?

Paradise: The home of everlasting pleasures.

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